SirMeo’s Commission Terms of Service

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Contact info: 

Please read this before commissioning me! 

All commissions follow these terms unless otherwise specified! I retain the right to decline any commission for any reason.

If you send me the payment I will consider you aware of and agreeing to these Terms of Service.

By agreeing these terms you (the client) agree that my ToS (this text) supersedes any ToS you (the client) may have. 


  • Most or all commission related communication will be done via e-mail or commission forms.
    • I don’t discuss commission details on instant messengers, notes or direct messages on any non-email platform
    • I won’t be held liable for forgetting any information given to me outside e-mail. 


  • I only accept payments and commissions from users over the age of 18 years.
  • Payment will be asked upfront; however, with larger commissions (200+ usd in value) a payment plan can be discussed.
  • Payments should be made within 48 hours of commission being accepted/invoiced, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Currently, I only take payments via PayPal. Sometimes I might offer commissions with alternative means of payment, but these are exceptions, and please do not inquire about them unless I have specifically offered them. I will not take payments in site currencies such as deviantArt points, even if those currencies have monetary value.
  • The main currency used is USD (US dollar), but I also occasionally take commissions in EUR.
  • Prices listed on my basic price sheet are base prices only, and are subject to adjustment based on exact details of your commission.


  • I, the artist, will hold the full copyright to the work unless otherwise agreed upon. You have the right to repost the work to your own gallery as long as I am properly credited. Repost only lower resolution version in public galleries. The commissioner can use the artwork created by me as a reference for other artworks.
  • I, the artist, have the full right to use the commissioned artwork to promote my art galleries, commission openings and other similar things.
  • I have the right to post the artwork to my gallery should I so desire;
    • I do offer fully private commissions, in which case we both agree not to post the artwork online. However, this does not mean you are the copyright holder. If you decide to make the private artwork public at any time, I will also have the right to post the artwork publicly afterwards.
    • If you want to purchase a private commission, partially private commission or the full copyright to the piece you’re commissioning, please contact me to discuss the terms.
  • Do not repost WIP (“work in process”) previews of the work to public galleries, no exceptions. These are meant to gain feedback from you, the client, and are not meant to be shown off without my permission.
  • My art cannot be used for any NFT (non-fungible token) or other blockchain related projects. This is non-negotiable and if my art is seen linked to any NFT project or platform, it is used without my permission and should be taken down immediately.
  • My art cannot be used as a part of any AI training dataset.


  • Speedpaints, sketches, character designs or sale commissions do not have WIP (“work in process”) stages shown. 
  • For finished artworks I will offer no big revisions, but I will fix mistakes that are not due to inaccurate, unclear or out of date references (“artist mistakes”). After the finished artwork has been sent out, you have one week to request finalizing edits or fixes. After this time has elapsed, even minor edits to the artwork are subject to extra fees.
    • If you approve sketch/lineart/coloring, I will not be going back to make any revisions without extra fees, so pay attention to what you approve! 
    • Extra edits are subject to extra charges. There is no hard line as to what “excessive” is, because each project is different in scope and pricing, but you will be notified beforehand when we are nearing this line.
    • If your reference is inaccurate, out of date or otherwise unclear, edits might be subject to extra charges. Please supply me with your best references and let me know about important details beforehand!
  • If the work is taking me more than six months to complete the artwork without significant updates OR offer you a deadline/estimated time of completion, you may contact me and inquire about a full or partial refund.
  • If you want a special deadline for your work, please tell me beforehand. Should your deadline requires a “rushwork” [a work that is urgent and has to go to the top of my queue so that is made in time, not a piece of artwork that is rushed in itself] it will be subject to extra fees.
  • If you need to cancel the commission, you will be refunded what you initially paid minus compensation for work already done. You will get the unfinished artwork finished to the latest stage (ie. if you ask for a refund when I’m in progress of inking, I will finish inking the artwork and not leave the inking unfinished). I will not refund already finished works nor works that are roughly 85% complete. 
  • If I have to cancel the commission for whatever reason, you will be refunded the full price, regardless of the stage the commission was at. You do not automatically get the WIP artwork for your use, but you can ask to purchase it for less than full commission price. 
  • I may reuse rejected/cancelled commission sketches for YCH (“Your Character Here”) commissions or personal projects, edited and finished to not resemble your (the original commissioner) characters.


  • Your commission, unless private, may be worked during a public stream. Private commissions will never be streamed for the public.
  • I currently do not stream on schedule, so I cannot guarantee I will stream your artwork.


  • I am an artist who prefers to work from clear drawn/3d image references as opposed to photos of real life people or text descriptions or “image collection” galleries. More often than not accurate drawn/3d modeled/screenshot picture references are mandatory — using photos, text or pictures that are not of your character as your primary reference are often subject to an extra fee. I am not responsible for mistakes in my art that are due inaccurate or insufficient references.
  • If the client wishes to add personal watermarks or stamps on the piece, they are free to do so, provided they do so in a way that does not obstruct or overshadow my signature, watermark or name.
  • The client may resize and crop the finished artwork for personal graphics such as profile pictures, forum signatures, their personal blog/twitter/tumblr theme and the like, and do minor alterations (for example making the picture grayscale, enhancing colors with Photoshop filters, or adding text) on the resulting graphic, but the original artwork should not be given alterations without my explicit permission. If you want to modify my artwork in any significant way (e.g. coloring the lineart, adjusting details) please contact me for a permission.
  • Profiting from the artworkis prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, selling prints, uploading the artwork on pay sites and using my artwork to promote your own commercial/paid projects, even if the artwork is not part of the project otherwise.
    • Do not use my artwork to promote your Patreon or other crowdfunding project, unless otherwise agreed upon. If you want to use my artwork for commercial projects, please contact me and ask first! 
    • My art cannot be used for any NFT (non-fungible token) or other blockchain related projects. This is non-negotiable and if my art is seen linked to any NFT project or platform, it is used without my permission and should be taken down immediately.
    • My art should not be used to train AIs without my explicit, written permission.
  • When the work is finished, I will send the client only the finished artwork, usually in either JPG or PNG format unless otherwise specified. I do not give out my work files by default.
  • If clients see my art of their characters posted on sites they do not want the art to be on (pinterest, booru sites, etc.) they have the right to issue a DMCA/takedown request in my stead.  The only exception is if the artwork has been posted by the artist (ie. me).