Dos and Dont’s

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Below is a brief list of subject matters I’m either comfortable with, or refuse to draw altogether. This list is not by no means fully exhaustive — if you have questions or are unsure if I’m willing to draw your idea, contact me and ask!


  • My personal style
  • Humans, human-like characters
  • Furry, anthro characters
  • Animals, including fantasy creatures
  • Mecha/robot characters
  • Original characters
  • Fan characters, MMO player characters
  • Nudity
  • Violence/gore


  • Imitating art styles of other artists
  • Child or child-like characters in erotic situations or context (“loli”)
  • Bodily waste
  • “Hyper” proportions/body parts
  • Candy/pastel/”cute” gore
  • Real people or their unstylized, exact likeness; realistic animal portraits
  • Artwork promoting hateful ideologies; artwork glorifying sexism, transphobia, homophobia, racism or other hate directed towards marginalized people