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23.01.2014 -- 05:46 Maltion - email - www
On page 61, if I click the image it just takes me to 61 again. Might wanna fix that. o3o
26.04.2013 -- 22:40 Lisa - email - www
Hello Meo,

Popular webcomic Shadowbinders recently took the leap to the print world — giving its characters a chance to come to life on printed pages in vibrant, rich colors as the story unfolds for readers.

For more details on the Shadowbinders print edition release, visit:

The best part of this is that Shadowbinders readers are now able to not only catch up with their favorite characters online, but also have a real, physical book to hold in their hands and add to their collections.

Beginning the process of converting pixels to print can be challenging, especially if you’re new to printing.

There are a lot of great resources out there for getting your comic printed, and I’m happy to help answer your questions as well.

Shadowbinders worked with my company, PrintNinja, and had such a great experience they sent us this feedback:

"I can't recommend PrintNinja enough,” wrote Shadowbinders creator Thom Pratt. “They offer transparent self service quoting, their customer service is absolutely fantastic, and the end result was much better than we could've hoped for. We never once had to wonder where our project was in the production pipeline as our sales rep kept us informed every step of the way.”

Keep up the great work, good luck on all of your future endeavors and feel free to write back if I can answer any comic book printing questions.


06.10.2012 -- 04:23 Darwin von Corax - email - www
Translation error: In English it's spelled "know," not "knoe."
Aside from that, I'm enjoying the story.

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